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In the past few days, we’ve talked about the do’s and don’ts of the popular social media platform, Twitter. While those ideas are valuable, no one can follow these tips without some help. I thought it would be worthwhile to get into the details of exactly how to follow those guidelines. Here are some of the tools we use every day.

It’s smart to block your day up into sections, or that’s what productivity experts tell us. Doing this means you will have single lumps of time to share content via social media; something unpalatable to most Twitter followers. Buffer helps spread the love. We use it to share the most recent articles on our Twitter account throughout the following day.
Our recommended use is to prepare as much content as you can, then stack up your Buffer. You’ll even receive handy email notifications when you’ve run out of tweets.

Tweetbot or the Official Twitter App
Many people view Twitter activity on the twitter website. However, I believe that to keep up, you’re better off with an app that will update you on mentions and interactions, as well as being available wherever you are.
Having the app at your finger tips allows you to be responsive to your followers, and make the most of your down times. Notifications when you are mentioned will prevent inadvertent neglect of your followers.

Google Analytics, & Buffer (again)
The key to success in marketing (and life, really) is measurement. The only way to know that marketing efforts are working is to measure the results they produce. This has been a difficult task for Twitter-based marketing simply because it has required additional tools that may not be as simple to figure out.
However, simply using Google Analytics can tell you how many website visitors are coming from social channels, and shortening links with can reveal how many clicks were achieved. Buffer has built-in support for interactions beyond clicks (favorites, retweets, etc).

As an addendum, I’ll add that Twitter has quietly released their own Analytics tool. It remains mainly hidden, but you can find it by enrolling in Twitter Ads. There is no need to actually start and pay for a campaign to gain access to the Analytics tool. Once enrolled, your statistics will start to be gathered. Much more detailed information can be found at The Next Web.

Kenton Hansen

Technical Co-Founder Kenton makes digital things. He is a technologist and has had his part in a few startups including software, advertising, and client services. @KentonH